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Just dough

Many have tried to replicate a truly authentic pizza dough but only with traditional ingredients and methods can you really master the art of the perfect pizza. We are incredibly proud to announce that we are an official supplier of the fantastic Pillitteri dough, the Pillitteri family have been producing their authentic Italian dough since 1900 using recipes and techniques that have been passed through the generations and are still in use today.

The Pillitteri family began their journey in Palermo, Sicily. Selling their handcrafted dough balls to the locals for just 1c each, by 1910 the family had 15 staff employed and quickly became the biggest dough supplier in Sicily.

The Pillitteri dough made its way to the UK with Giovanni Pillitteri when the company was left to him at age 18. Since then the company have gone from strength to strength expanding their range and partnering with other specialist brands.

The pizza dough you receive with your Rosso Pizza Box has undergone quite the process to become what it is. The Pillitteri family chose to partner with Caputo flour to ensure that their dough uses only the finest flour there is, along side this they made the decision to remove all unrefined bleached salts and replace with Himalayan pink salt known for a host of health benefits.

The water used in the dough undergoes an intensive water purification process to remove chlorine and any other trace contaminants the lead to could foul taste, odour and colour leaving only the purest water for your pizza. 

Pillitteri dough is SALSA certified, HACCP compliant, a member of the Organic Food Federation, advocates of the Soil Association and Certified Vegan.






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